CLTL in recent news

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This is a compilation of articles, blog posts, and press releases from the past five years. Check out older news.



Deborah Beckler’s 90.9 WBUR article “Literature Class Helps Young People On Probation Build New Relationships And Lives”

Elizabeth Svoboda’s DailyGood article “The power of story”

Jeanette DeForge’s article “Chicopee probation department graduates 6 from literature class”

David Rainville’s The Recorder article “Can books break the cycle of crime?”


Matt Camara’s New Bedford Standard-Times article “UMD’s ‘Changing Lives Through Literature’ resonates far beyond SouthCoast.”


Southcoast Today’s “Waxler, Changing Lives Through Literature, honored”

The Guardian’s Anna Barker discusses CLTL in her article Novel Approach: reading courses as an alternative to prison.”

Better Living through Beowolf blog: “Fighting Crime through the Classics”

Reclaiming Futures re-posts content from Changing Lives, Changing Minds

Teaching College English blog: Changing Lives Through Literature



Changing Lives Through Literature program recognized for significant contribution to Criminal Justice field


UMass Dartmouth’s Robert Waxler brings secret of rehabilitation to Boston Book Festival

3 thoughts on “CLTL in recent news

  1. We have to be concerned how this economic crisis will affect our incarcerated brothers and sisters.
    The Dalai Lama says that compassion is the key to a good life.
    I have heard that he is a reasonable fellow.

  2. While this comment may fail the test of timeliness I must agree with Charlie Donahue.

    This country has a large prison population, the need for compassion must also be large.

    I saw the Dalai Lama at Foxboro stadium some time ago. He did seem a reasonable fellow. He laughed a lot. Do prisoners laugh much?

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