“Laying Roots” Feedback

For our readers who did not receive last week’s email, we’ve reposted it here. Also, for those who have been asking when the next portion of Robin’s essay will be posted, the answer is: Wednesday, March 2nd. We are happy to have received this kind of response from our readers, and hope that it continues. Thank you.

Hello CLTL Supporter,

We at “Changing Lives, Changing Minds,” which is the Changing Lives Through Literature Blog, recently received a very moving piece of writing from a woman serving a fifty-year sentence at York Correctional Institution in Niantic, CT. The author, Robin Ledbetter, was convicted of felony murder at fourteen years of age and subsequently sentenced to fifty years in prison just months before her eighteenth birthday.

The judge who handed down the lengthy sentence did so citing that her upbringing suggested future jail time; he was preventing further crimes.Robin is now twenty-nine and is seeking relief from her sentence.

After hearing about CLTL from her attorney, Robin wrote to co-founder Bob Waxler and included a memoir piece she has worked on for some years. Robin’s voice is touching, her thoughts and writing compelling, and we are honored to be sharing her piece, “Laying Roots,” on the CLTL blog in a two-part series.

We encourage that you read and reply to Robin’s piece with a comment; we replied to her letter, and look forward to sharing your words with her as she fights for justice from behind bars.

Thank you,

Changing Lives, Changing Minds



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