Annual Training: Where Are We Going and Where Have We Been

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The past two weeks, as many of us followed the struggle of the Egyptian people, we have seen replayed on our television and computer screens the power of a good idea.  Twenty years ago, Changing Lives was born from a good idea, and since then that idea has continued to inspire hundreds of practitioners and thousands of graduates.  We’ve developed new programs and expanded our concepts, extending our reach to men and women across the U.S. and spawning the vibrant Stories Connect program in England.  As we gather together this March, we hope to reflect on where we began and where we are going, to celebrate our successes and share good books with good friends.  As we usher in the next twenty years, we salute all of you who are continuing the important work of a good idea.

The need to stay connected as a community is as pressing as ever in a year when resources fall short.  Because of monies donated by the Gloria Coolidge Fund at the Boston Foundation, we are able to host our annual training for POs, judges and facilitators at Henderson House on Friday, March 25h, 2011, and we hope you will join us.  For those of you out of state as well, we welcome you as we continue to support each other’s work.

This year our theme is “Where Are We Going and Where Have We Been:  Reflecting on 20 years of Changing Lives Through Literature.” We include a general schedule for the day which is subject to change but serves to show you the exciting activities we plan.  We will have judges, probation officers, facilitators and outside participants engaged in helping us think about our journey and create new ideas.

We look forward to seeing you in March.  Keep the Vision!


Jean Trounstine and Bob Waxler

Schedule for March. 25th, 2011 CLTL gathering

8:45 – 9:15                 Coffee

9:15 – 9:45                 Welcome

9:45 – 11:15              A short story discussion –facilitated by CLTL co-director, Jean Trounstine

11:15 – 12:45            A roundtable discussion led by a panel reflecting on what we can and have learned from the use of story about language, reflection, and deliberation in the context of probationers –facilitated by CLTL co-founder, Bob Waxler

12:45-1:45                Lunch (with Recognition and Thanks to CLTL Practitioners)

1:45- 3:30                A panel discussion of the relationship of jury deliberation to CLTL’s program of reading and discussing (our own kind of deliberating) – facilitated by CLTL co-founder,

Judge Robert Kane

3:30- 3:45                Wrap Up

Directions to Henderson House – 99 Westcliff Rd./Weston, MA/

Phone 781-235-4350

At the intersection of Routes 30, Rt. 128 and the Mass Pike, follow the Rt. 30 West sign; proceed up Route 30 for approx. 1 mile. As you drive up route 30 you will ascend up a steep incline. At the top of the incline, you will take a left turn on to Oak Street. The street sign at the intersection reads Oak Street; just below this sign is a sign reading Northeastern University Henderson House with an arrow.  Proceed down Oak Street 1/4 mile to a 4-way intersection. Go straight through the intersection (on what is now Cliff Road). Proceeding up Cliff Road, take the second right onto Scotch Pine Road, which winds around to the first right – Westcliff Road.  Henderson House is the first house on the left hand side, # 99.

Below, please print the coupon and mail or email (or phone) your information by March 9th to:         

Tam Neville

CLTL Administrative Assistant

24 Quincy St.

Somerville, MA 02143

Phone: 617 – 629 – 2541


Name ________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________


Email address_________________________________________________


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