A Second Time in the Times

On February 26, The New York Times Sunday Book Review published Leah Price’s article on Changing Lives Through Literature, “Read a Book, Get Out of Jail.”   This week’s issue features a letter to the editor responding to the Price piece from  CLTL’s Jenni Baker. Pick up a copy at your local newsstand or read it online.


5 thoughts on “A Second Time in the Times

  1. Jenni:
    This is a very appropriate response to a person who has never spent a significant amount of time with offenders who, like the rest of us are attempting to make sense of their lives and discover a real purpose for their existence.

  2. Jenni — I went out early this morning to get the NYT — because I wanted to see your letter in real print. Congratulations on getting into the Times. I’m so glad we had someone to represent us, who visited the same class Price did and stood up for a more inclusive audience for literature.

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