A Hearty Thanks!

In the weeks following Changing Lives Through Literature’s coverage in the New York Times, numerous blogs have helped spread the word about CLTL. We’d like to take a minute to thank all of the bloggers who’ve taken the time to share our organization with their readers.

When you have a moment, we hope you’ll check out some of the links below  


Beattie’s Book Blog 

Booklist Blog

Crime Victims Media Report 

The Digiletto

FACT–Freedom Against Censorship Thailand 

Fiction Writers Review Blog

Green Mountain Barrister

The Guiri Dispatches 

Janet on the Planet

Literary Kicks

Louise Marley

The loveART blog

Marks in the Margin

Office of Scholarly and Literary Publications at Georgetown University 

Outsider Writers Collective 

Pax/Peace/Paz Studies at Naropa

Perfume Chowk


The Point 

Political Mavens

Public Criminology


Recycled Minds

RED in the city 

Sherry Chandler

Word Lily

A Writer’s Desk


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